I’m interested in homeschooling. What are your thoughts on your parents’ Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling?

From the prospective of a former homeschool child, Charlotte Mason homeschooling is not something I recommend nor support. For me, it’s not educational philosophy. For me, it was my life. And I didn’t enjoy it nor learn from it.

I also don’t recommend my parents specific approach to homeschooling. They didn’t follow Washington State homeschooling laws. For example, I was evaluated by an educator once at the end of kindergarten. According to Washington State homeschooling laws, either being evaluated by an educator or taking a written assessment is supposed to happen yearly. But for me, it only happened once. And for my siblings, it didn’t even happen once.

Whatever the intent, our parents homeschooled us illegally and it’s negatively impacted all of us. And that’s not something I can support.

If you have any further questions on my prospective on Charlotte Mason homeschooling or my parents’ approach, feel free to email me at It’s not a subject I’m currently writing on but I know how hard it can be to figure out what educational option will work best for your family, so I’d be happy to chat.

I saw your name and photos on your mom’s site though.

My photos, name, and stories involving me were used without my permission to support an educational approach I don’t agree with. When I got married, I originally dropped my maiden name specifically because I didn’t want to be associated any longer with Charlotte Mason homeschooling.

The fact that this is one of the most common questions I get asked made me realize dropping Hough wasn’t helping distance me like I’d hoped. So I now use my maiden name again socially and professionally.

Did your parents’ approach prepare you for college?

No, it did not. When I was 18, my math was an an elementary school level. It took four math classes at a local community college for me to get to the point of being high school level. It was especially challenging mentally because, unlike my classmates, I wasn’t relearning the material — I was learning it for the very first time.

This prevented me from starting with any college option other than community college. I’d wanted to start at a four-year university but was unable to. Having to start with elementary school math also made college take longer and cost more.

Were you ever lonely as a kid?

Constantly. Unlike some homeschool kids who are involved in sports, clubs and homeschool co-ops, I spent most of my childhood alone in my bedroom.

Did you ever wish you’d gone to public school?

Constantly. I even asked to be sent to public school. I was always told no, the reasoning being that I’d be in the “stupid classes,” and would be ruthlessly picked on for my lack of intelligence. To this day, I still wish I’d attended public school.

Would you homeschool your own kids?

If I had my way, no. I’d only homeschool if it became necessary because of a child’s health or some other unforeseen reason.